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Business and Contract Law

In our contemporary society, every day and each transaction seemingly bring new challenges, whether from a simple handshake, or verbal agreement between friends, or a complex contract among businesses.

Attorney David M. Namm understands the many challenges businesses and people encounter and has significant experience assisting clients in a variety of legal matters. Whether your business is large or small, or inception still remains that elusive dream, David M. Namm can help you develop strategies to navigate legal challenges and help solve problems when they occur.

David M. Namm & Associates, LLC represents businesses, individuals, families, churches, and other organizations.

Attorney David M. Namm is experienced in handling business and contract law matters, such as:

Drafting Contracts
Shareholders/Membership Agreements
Reviewing and Evaluating Contracts
Contract Amendments
Real Estate Contracts for Sale and Purchase
Lease or Rental Agreements
Contract Negotiations
Business Formation
Sole Proprietorship
Fictitious Name Registration
Incorporation (C or S Corporation)
Limited Liability Company
Business Operations and Management
Business Disputes
Non-Compete Agreements
Indemnification and Hold-Harmless Agreements
Waivers and Releases
Covenants not to sue
Breach of Contract enforcement or defense
Settlement Agreements

If you need legal assistance concerning a business or contract law matter, please contact Attorney David M. Namm today at (516) 375-5401 to schedule a confidential telephone consultation and become more knowledgeable about your legal rights and available options.